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A vow of revenge or a promise of love?
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~Adult Material ~
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Heat Level ~ Sizzling Hot

ISBN: 9781603106535
Maggie Winters blames Carter Enterprises CEO, Alec Carter for the death of her husband.  She believes that revenge is the only way to regain the joy she once had in life, including an active and adventurous sex life.  Lacking resources to match those of rich and influential Alec, Maggie plots lure Alec into a sordid sex scandal which will ruin his business reputation.  Just as he puts plans in place to rescue his company from the brink of disaster, Alec Carter becomes obsessed with a mystery woman who lures him into a weeklong sexual tryst.  Both Maggie and Alec are unprepared when lust promises to become love.  Both must learn to trust if they want the promised lifetime of love and loving.
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If you are looking for a blazing erotic read then look no further than Allyn's The Widow's Revenge. . . . Allyn provides a great read here with her characters. I felt for Maggie and understood why she would want revenge. It's a story where you start rooting for the main heroine and then root for the couple. Those who enjoy reading erotic romance will love the story and the characters.
The Pen and Muse Book Reviews, Reviewer Denise Alicea

New York City, October 31st
   Maggie Winters was looking for a Tarzan in a palm leaf loin cloth and a Jane in a leopard skin bikini. Tarzan, also known as Alec Carter and CEO of Carter Enterprises, was her target. Jane was the woman hired anonymously to help pull a joke on a friend. At least that was the story Maggie gave out. Her hired partner for the evening didn't need to know that the joke was really bait for a trap. A trap intended for Alec Carter and set under cover of tonight's charity masquerade.
   Since Maggie definitely wasn't a lesbian, she had some doubts about using a lesbian encounter as bait. Although she did enjoy sex, especially adventurous sex. That part of her life had been missing for the last three years as she clawed her way out of debilitating grief. She'd been functioning fairly well for the past few months, but she hadn't really felt alive until she'd seen Alec Carter's picture in the article announcing this masquerade. In that moment she'd felt a rush of conflicting feelings from guilt over her heart thumping attraction to the handsome face to anger at the callous owner of the face and a compelling desire for vengeance. If she could cause the CEO of Carter Enterprises to feel the tiniest echo of the grief his unfeeling actions had caused her, she might finally be able to regain her life.
   Alec Carter owed her. Collecting on that debt became be her personal mission. She didn't have money or connections like his, so using the only assets she had that might affect him, she aimed to make him pay. Tonight was just the first installment. From the mezzanine level, she'd surveyed the crowd of costumed contributors attending the annual masquerade and searched for a nearly naked man.
   A leering cowboy approached. "Hey there little lady, wanna ride a bucking bronco?" He swiveled his hips giving a sample of the bucking he offered.
   "I'm meeting someone." She shook her head and turned her shoulder to him. Once again she wondered if she could go through with the woman on woman encounter that she believed would lure rich and powerful Alec Carter into the net intended to destroy his business reputation and private life.
   "The ride I got in mind won't take long." Pushing on her shoulder, he forced her to face him and reached for her wrist.
   "I said, no!" She evaded his grasp and put steel into her voice, shifting to walk away. He reached for her arm again. This time he caught her wrist and started pulling. "Aw, you don't mean that. You're dressed like that prostitute, Camille. You'll put out for anybody if the price is right. And I can pay better than right. Now come here."
   She dug her heels into the plush carpet. Making out with a lesbian can't as bad as fighting off a drunk aggressive male.
   The tug of war was short-lived.
   "Leave the lady alone. Or would you like me to feed you to the lions?" The voice resonated in her bones, and the quiet menace in the cultured tones freed her wrist.
   Maggie soothed her reddened skin with one hand, raised her head to thank her rescuer and gawked.
   Before her stood the Tarzan she'd been searching for. The article photograph of Alec Carter definitely did not do him justice. That photo showed him to be handsome. In the flesh he was beautiful in all the ways that made male different from female. Lips shaped for kissing. A narrow nose. A broad forehead. A head of lush, black hair. Golden eyes flecked with green and surrounded with a thicket of night dark lashes.
   Determination lived in that glided gaze. Command rode in the knife sharp jaw darkened with a dusting of black whiskers. And sex. Sex. Sexual prowess vibrated in the wide shoulders; taut, sculpted muscles of arms, legs; narrow hips and what appeared to be a generous genital package, if the lift of the palm leaves were anything to go by. An earthy scent mixed with his male heat, skittered along her skin, and sank tendrils of longing deep in her belly. She licked her lips.
   On a purely elemental level she wished she could spend the entire night tasting him, savoring him. And how wrong was that? Deriving pleasure, even physical pleasure, from the man who'd killed her love and her life seemed wrong. What other option do I have? I can't ruin him financially or with influence. Sex is my only weapon. I'll have to find a way to keep my emotions and physical pleasure separate.
   Towering above the shorter man, Tarzan bristled at the cowboy and gestured over his shoulder with his thumb.
   The gesture broke the spell, and she realized that behind Tarzan stood two huge men dressed as African lions.
   The cowboy backed off.
   At a signal from Tarzan, the lions eased into the crowd. Carter definitely knew how to get his way without a lot of fuss and bother. She fully expected that kind of autocratic behavior from the man who without qualm had ordered her husband to his death.
   "Alec Carter." He held out his hand.
   "Alec," her husky whisper echoed. Maggie nodded and extended a hand. She tried to stay in character and give less than her customary firm handshake. But keeping track of anything, let alone the role she should be playing was difficult with his tawny gaze penetrating every pore.
   He clasped her palm firmly then quickly released her.
   He'd been much easier to find than she expected, almost as if she'd conjured him by thinking of him. But she had not wanted to get this close this soon. Tonight she was supposed to bait the trap she setfor him. Instead, she felt as if he'd snared her.
   "And you are…?" He waited quiet and insistent, for her to exchange courtesies and give her name.
   "The lady's with me." A six foot, coffee-skinned, flame-haired Jane interrupted, saving Maggie from having to answer.
   The woman muscled her way between Maggie and Tarzan-Alec then slid an arm around Maggie's slim shoulders pulling her close to Jane's side.
   Rescued again, but was her lesbian partner for the night really a better alternative to the intimidating male animal poised before her?
   The shock on Alec's face at being confronted by an unabashed lesbian might have been amusing, if it weren't also insulting.
   "Excuse me. I'm sorry. I didn't know. Didn't mean to intrude." To his credit he didn't try to run away while he stammered his apologies.
   "No problem," Jane replied. She gave him a toothy grin, slowly perused his tall muscled body then licked her lips. "We were about to find a little private time in the conservatory. You could join us if you like."
   "Uh, thanks, no. I have other commitments." He declined, but his avid gaze slid over the two of them, and his respiration escalated a bit.
   Maggie was fairly certain they had him hooked. He was too smart to risk exposure at an event like this, but he wouldn't mind watching someone else do it.
   Statistically, watching two women make love ranked high on the list of popular male fantasies. Just below participating in a ménage a trois. While Maggie wouldn't object to the latter, arranging a tryst with three people in a nearly public place was more complicated than necessary. All she had to do tonight was catch Alec Carter's interest. And for that making love with one woman should be enough.
   So despite her personal preferences, she began to look forward to her sexual encounter with the stunning Jane.
   "Too bad," sighed Jane. Her lips formed a sexy little moue completely out of character with a jungle heroine. "Perhaps another time."
   Alec, his eyes glazed with sexual longing, nodded.
   Maggie turned with her hired date and sashayed in the direction of the conservatory.
   Jane bent and put her lips next to Maggie's ear. "We got him babycakes."
   Maggie smiled and nodded. "Yes, I think we do."
   They stopped beside the elevators and waited. The Conservatory was on the next level down. "You sure you want to go through with this," asked Jane. "I saw how you looked at Tarzan. You don't normally swing this way, do you?" "No, I'm about as hetero as they come, but my friend back there needs to be taught a lesson in humility. This will definitely do the trick. Besides, we aren't exactly going to run naked through the halls sexually attacking everyone in sight. This is a public place, and we do have to keep most of our clothes on."
   The elevator doors opened. They entered the empty car, and Maggie pushed the button for the lobby floor.
   "True, true," sighed Jane. "Although, the spot you selected for our little show is fairly secluded. Too bad about you being hetero. I could go for you in a big way."
   "Well, I'll have tonight to remember, so let's enjoy the ride." Jane smiled.
   Committed to the imminent encounter, Maggie turned her thoughts to the biggest gamble of the evening. Would Alec Carter take the bait? They'd let him know where they intended to be. Only one spot in the conservatory would be private enough. And only one other spot provided an unobstructed view of that semi-private location. She had cameras placed to catch every lurid act as well as Carter's voyeurism. But he had to be there or the entire plan would fail. She was gambling not only that Alec Carter would want to watch, but that he knew the masquerade venue well enough to watch from exactly where she could catch him on video. The purpose of the video was twofold. First to provide a record of Alec Carter's promiscuous and irresponsible behavior. Second so she'd know that he'd taken the bait. If he wanted her enough to watch her have sex with another woman, then he'd want her more before Maggie was finished with him.
 "If you are looking for a sweet read, this isn't it. But if you want one that will curl your toes, Grab The Widow's Revenge today. I loved it." Award Winning Author, Patricia Rasey
 "Rue Allyn takes the adage 'revenge is best served cold' and spins it in the other direction, creating a novel that brings on the heat. The Widow's Revenge is hot, hot, hot! This one is a keeper, people!" Award Winning Author, Michele Bardsley
 ". . . See the sensual Alec in all of his glory as he became the seductive rake that had Maggie panting with every breath, caress, kiss, and taste that the hero delivered. This is a nice start to Ms. Allyn's erotic writing career . . ." Coffee Time Romance, Reviewer Danielle
 ". . . The heat between Maggie and Alex wafts off the pages. This couple's immediate attraction ensures that most of the action in the novella takes place between the sheets, or in the shower, or in an elevator, or outside in the winter's snow." Romantic Times, Reviewer Kate Girard
 "Ms. Allyn plunges you in at the deep end with this story. When it opens we are introduced to Maggie and learn that she is setting a trap for Alec. When the story switches to his POV, you sense that Maggie will have a tough time staying angry and vengeful toward him for long. He's sexy, borderline charming, very intriguing, and because of all these qualities you want to turn the page to see how this will play out. . . . if you're looking for something a little different than the usual boy meets girl type story, or if you enjoy books with characters who seem destined to be enemies for eternity, this might be a good pick for you." Long and Short Reviews, Judy and Marianne
Finally got some time to finish this book and I'm really glad I did! This is an adult novel, sexy heroine meets hot caring hero. Highly charged sexual scenes round out the story of a grieving window hell bent on getting revenge. Goodreads, Gail
"Revenge is best served smoking hot. The Widow's Revenge is a steamy, romantic rollercoaster of vengeance, lust, and love." Author, Cindy Spencer Pape
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