Hazard Duty by Rue Allyn
The first date

  They weren't on the road for two minutes when Ros realized their destination. "You're taking me to The Point." 
  He cast her a grin before taking a hairpin turn. "This is a date." 
  She swallowed, her throat dry at the memories assaulting her, and tried to calm her racing nerves. "I prefer to think of it as having dinner together, which we could have done in a restaurant. Couples go to The Point to…to…" She couldn't say the words. Memories swamped her, clogging her throat into silence.
  The Point
, aka make-out central. Every town of any size had one, a place where sexually charged balls of hormones, i.e. teenagers, escaped from adult supervision long enough to find mutual release from the demon desires driving them. Ros came by her knowledge of Bird's Gap's Point not by experience but by observation. She'd been too gawky and nerdy a girl for any boy to think of taking her to The Point, but that didn't mean she hadn't been curious.
  Satisfying her curiosity was part of what made her a good educator. But at fifteen, she'd simply wanted to know what all the giggles and sly looks were about. So she'd snuck out of the house one night and ridden her bicycle up to The Point.
  The moon had been full so she hadn't needed the flashlight she brought. She parked her bike in the trees far enough from the road so that it wouldn't be spotted. Then she'd crept through the forest to the cliffside jutting out into the air over the valley. A scenic turnaround made The Point the perfect place for a couple to make out. Sometimes couples left the car and headed for the lake about ten meters into the trees on the opposite side of the road from The Point.
  That early spring night had been cool. Too cool for necking outside but not enough to fog the windows of the sole car parked in the turnaround. Soft music mixed with softer moans thrummed the air around Ros' target. She was determined to get answers, to find out what it was she was missing because boys just didn't seem to notice her. Ros halted uncertain how best to achieve her goal, deciding that given the angle of the moonlight the rear window would provide the best spot. As she approached the car started rocking.  What could they be doing in there to cause so much commotion? Did they know she was here? Were they trying to scare her off? No, they couldn't have seen her, not coming through the trees like she had.
  Undaunted, Ros advanced until she was crouched beside the back bumper. When the trunk of the car dipped, she scrambled onto the lid, latched her fingers into the space behind the chrome window trim and pulled herself forward until her nose pressed against the glass. What she saw caused her to rear back. Nobody could do that. It wasn't physically possible to bend human bodies at those angles was it?
  The car began to shake violently, and Ros barely managed to regain her grip on the chrome and prevent being bounced to the ground.
  Her face at the window once more she watched in awe as a nearly naked Joe Hazard, arms braced against the seat backs on either side of him, hips firmly locked between a senior cheerleader's thighs, pumped his penis into her…her…. Ros knew what to call a woman's parts but she wasn't going to go there. She wouldn't think about that thick, long, pole of muscle pushing and poking inside….well it must have hurt like hell afire, and she wasn't going to think about it. And while she wasn't thinking about it, the cheerleader's back arched thrusting her huge nipples straight into Joe's open mouth. He clamped down, thrust and twisted his hips at the same time. The senior screamed. Joe thrust once more then reared back shouting. The cheerleader continued to scream.
  Oh god, he's killing her. I've got to get help
. Ros pushed herself away from the window and promptly tumbled to the ground.
  On the far side of the car the rear door opened. "Who's out there?" 
  Ros huddled close to the nearest tire, half under the car's middle.
  Joe sounded a little out of breath and mildly upset but otherwise he didn't seem to be in pain or even very angry.
  "Joe, come back inside. I'm getting cold," whined the cheerleader.
  "I thought I heard someone. I don't appreciate being spied on."
  "Well I didn't hear anything. No one's out there, so come back, baby, please."
  "You better put your clothes on. I should take you home."
  "No. We've got hours and haven't used all the condoms yet."  If a voice could pout, Ros was certain that's what the senior was doing.
  "Fine."  Joe didn't sound happy.
  When she heard the door shut, Ros raced for the trees. Hopefully Joe was too busy with the girl-who despite her screaming didn't seem at all hurt-to notice Ros streaking through the night.
  "To make out? Is that what you meant to say before you got distracted?"   
  And worse
. She nodded. The tension building at the base of her neck only allowed small jerks of her head.
  "Ros…" Joe called her back to the present. "Is the idea of kissing me so distracting that you can't speak? You were lost in thought for quite a while there. What were you thinking?"
  "Y...you're right, I was thinking about you."  But not the way you imagine.
Hazard Duty
Sexy Sailors #2
December 2013
December 2013