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One Night's Desire Wildfire Love # 2

A woman on the run & a lawman in hot pursuit
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Mature content
Heat Level ~ Very Hot
ISBN: 978-1-4405-6718-6
A WOMAN ON THE RUN ~ Rustlers, claim jumpers and fire, nothing will stop Kiera Alden from reuniting her family.  But an accusation of murder threatens her dreams and sets Marshall Evrett Quinn on her trail.  She may be able to escape prison bars and eventually prove her innocence, but she can't escape Quinn's love. A LAWMAN IN HOT PURSUIT ~ Marshall Evrett Quinn is relentless in pursuit of law-breakers, and pretty Kiera Alden is no exception.  Clever and courageous, she evades him until chance encounter turns the tables.  Finally he has this elusive desperado under arrest, but success is bittersweet when she captures his heart. 

One Night's Desire needs reviews. Please visit my author page at, click on the book cover and leave your comments. Your feedback is my greatest reward. Thank you.
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What Readers Think
. . . One Night's Desire "is a great story that depicts that the path to true love is never smooth. It had me riveted and I could not wait to find out what was going to happen next. . . ."
(Totally Addicted to Reading) rated it 4 of 5 stars on Goodreads and Romancing The Book
  Her face was flushed, so he put the back of his hand to her forehead.  "You're still running a fever." 
  "I know.  My whole body aches, and every now and then I get chills even when I'm huddled inside the blankets.  Thinking is a real effort.  I can't seem to clear my head." 
  "You need to rest." 
  "You're right, but we can't afford to lose more than a day or two. I'd rather spend those in sturdier shelter much as I appreciate all you've done to take care of me-especially keeping me from freezing."
  Ev's neck heated.  "I apologize for . . . well uhm for . . ."
  "Good heavens you're embarrassed." 
  "Well, dangit, you should be too.  I had to strip us both naked and hold you all night just to keep us both alive." 
  "We were both naked?" 
  He nodded. 
  She smiled.  "Together?" 
  He swallowed and nodded again. 
  "Did we do anything else together?" She giggled.
  The sound would have been real nice if it weren't directed at him. He bristled and narrowed his gaze at her.  "What d'you take me for?  Some kind of scum who takes advantage of unconscious women?" 
  "No.  I'm trying to thank you for saving our lives.  I want you to see that you have nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about." 
  His eyes widened, and his jaw dropped open a bit.  "Well one of us should be embarrassed.  A man and a woman don't usually get naked and not do anything together." 
  "Are you saying you wanted to, uhm, do something together?" 
  "NO! Blast it!  I'm not that kind of man." 
  She blinked.  "What kind of man are you? I mean, well, I know some men prefer other men instead of women.  Is that the kind of man you are?" 
  He actually growled.  "I'm the kind of man who doesn't take advantage of sick injured women, or indulge in any sort of congress with a woman whom I do not know." 
  "Oh.  So you didn't want to . . . have congress with me." 
  "You were injured.  You're still sick, and I don't know you." 
  "I'd say you know me pretty well by now, Marshal." 
  "I don't know you well enough for that, and you're still calling me Marshal." 
  "What do you want me to call you?" 
  He could think of a lot of things, none of them appropriate.  "Quinn, or Ev-that's short for my first name, Evrett." 
  "Ev."  She said it low and slow.  "Is that good enough?" 
  His name on her lips was way too good and could be even better if. . . .  But that wasn't going to happen.  He ground his teeth to keep from shouting.  "It's fine.  Now get back under those blankets." 
  "Are you saying you know me well enough now for us to, uh, have congress?" 
  "No!"  What kind of woman asks a question like that? 
  "Hmmm.  Please tell me when you do?" 
  He opened his mouth, then closed it again and turned away to put more wood on the fire.

"The plot is full of unexpected twists that takes you on an emotional roller-coaster."
Catrina Barton
rated it 4 of 5 stars on Goodreads
I love 'chase' stories and westerns, especially when the two are combined. One Night's Desire (sequel to the fine One Moment's Pleasure) did not disappoint. Abby on Amazon

"I love The Wildfire Love series. :) One Night's Desire is the second one I've read and I would love to get my hands on more."
Juliette Brandt rated it 4 of 5 stars
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