Widow's Revenge Excerpt
Off Limits Excerpt
Hazard Duty Excerpt
Deal Excerpt
Knight Defender Excerpt
Knight Protector Excerpt
Knight Errant Excerpt
True and Perfect Knight Excerpt
One Moment's Loving Excerpt
One Night's Desire Excerpt
One Day's Loving Excerpt
Knight Protector Excerpt
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Wildfire Love Series
The Wildfire Love Series
3 Sisters in trouble
3 Blazing loves to set them free
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The Knight Chronicles
The Knight Chronicles
Men who fight for truth, honor, and the women who love them. Read More
Sexy Sailor Series
The Sexy Sailor Series
2 Sexy Sailors
2 Strong Women to love them
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One Moment's Pleasure Excerpt
One Night's Desire
One Day's Loving by Rue Allyn
Knight Defender Excerpt
A True and Perfect Knight
Deal of a Lifetime
The Widow's Revenge
Hazard Duty
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